Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

Great wines express a sense of place and they are best able to do this when they are rooted in a biologically diverse environment where soil vitality is intact and vines live in symbiosis with the complex ecosystem in which they live. To lend nature and its manifold aspects a voice through our wines is our ultimate aspiration. The ways and means to this objective are marked by many actions and fundamental decisions that set the course and reflect our ethical and qualitative philosophies. Our decision to convert to biodynamic viticulture in 2006 was based on the goal of making our vineyards successively more resilient, more vital, and more heterogeneous.

At the same time, we allow our wines and ourselves the freedom of increasingly less intervention. Regardless of the fact that all of our wines are fermented spontaneously and that we often like to leave them on the skins for weeks, it is above all else time that shapes our wines. Time for some means weeks, for others years – but all of our wines are given time with the intention of lending balance for their continued journey. To this end, wines remain unadulterated on their own lees, for the most part in used wooden barrels, and develop their own unique spectrum of aromas over time. We are mindful of these natural processes and observe them closely, but we influence them as little as possible, implementing our idea of producing authentic and truly genuine wines as rigorously as we can.