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Graue Freyheit

Graue Freyheit

Graue Freyheit

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Flasche 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018


A white wine – a rosé – a Pinot…? And the direct answer is yes. A wine that frees itself from the constraints of colour and defies categorisation. Prismatic & aromatic – far from grey – Graue Freyheit arises like a new dawn out of the morning fog and promises a brilliant day...


Deeply rooted in crystalline schist and quartzite schist soils, Grauburgunder thrives beautifully on the Joiser Hackelsberg and on the Windener Spiegel. The perfect complement is provided by Weissburgunder & Chardonnay from the calcareous and schistose eastern slopes of the Leitha Range – primarily from the top sites Breitenbrunner Edelgraben and Windener Alter Berg.


Bottled in a clay flagon according to biodynamic principles and the eternal cycle of nature, with much manual labour and great attention to detail.