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Bedded on bold fruit such as rosehip, lingonberry and – promising astringency – sloeberry, Gabarinza nevertheless stands like an unassailable rock amid the surf as breakers roll ashore. With patience, air and the help of a large glass, after a short while an aromatic path leads over forest floors covered with moss and autumn leaves to the exact point where the pepper grows. On the palate, the wine comes into its full expression. Gabarinza is substantial, powerful and fleshy; this, however, with a sense of presence rather than loud volume and thus at peace with itself...


This wine carries the name of the oldest and best of the vineyard slopes in Gols. The slope faces southwest and is marked by red terrace gravel deposited during the ice age as well as fine-grained sandy-loamy sediment. We match this soil diversity with the varieties Zweigelt (40 %), Blaufränkisch (30 %), and Merlot (30 %).


Bottled according to biodynamic principles and the eternal cycle of nature, with conscientious manual labour and great attention to