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Welschriesling Freyheit 2017

Welschriesling Freyheit 2017

Welschriesling Freyheit 2017


Erase expectations from the past and begin willing and able with a clean slate. The Welschriesling Freyheit appears in a brilliant new form, bucking dusty traditions of the supposed “bread and butter” variety. After opening with green-yellow fruit, the wine frolics with grassy freshness and ethereal herbal spice. With a proudly lifted chin, it coaxes repeatedly for another sip that culminates each time in an unexpected salty aftertaste that never seems to end. Thanks to a taut frame of delicate tannins and the inherent freshness of a yeasty haze, this wine immediately distances itself from the classic and pleases with a spontaneous freestyle interpretation of the Welschriesling grape. Indeed, a completely different world. Attention: for best enjoyment, shake before pouring!


Rooted in calcareous sandstone soils on the east-facing slopes of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountains).


Bottled with conscientious handcraft and great care throughout the entire life cycle. The vineyards are cultivated according to the biodynamic regulations of Respekt. Handpicked at the beginning of September and left overnight on the skins and stems. Spontaneous alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. Matured for ten months on its own yeast in large wooden cask, bottled unfiltered and without added sulphur.

Sober facts

100% Welschriesling • 11.5 % vol. • 5.1 g/l acidity • 1.1 g/l residual sugar • bottle size (l): 0.75 • bottled mid-July 2018

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Welschriesling Freyheit 2017

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