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Weisze Freyheit

Weisze Freyheit

Weisze Freyheit

wine production sheet 2017

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Like a ramble through an unspoilt piece of meadow that touches all the senses. Ferns, hay flowers and wild berries, vital soil and wet stone are impressions gained from the walk and the wine’s origin in the limestone and slate layers of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountain). The supple texture is both soulful and refreshing. Shake before pouring!


A wine from and with perspective. Complex representative of its variety from fossil-rich lime sandstone and mica schist soils on the eastern slopes of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountain). The around thirty-year-old vines are located in the Kollern and Edelgraben vineyards in Breitenbrunn and in Alter Berg in Winden.


Bottled with conscientious handcraft and great care throughout the entire life cycle.