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Pinot Noir Leithakalk 2015

Pinot Noir Leithakalk

Pinot Noir Leithakalk

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Svelte and in a cautious yet agile dance, the Pinot Noir Leithakalk celebrates its beauty and fragility. Fully loaded, it offers red-berried fruit that is firmly framed in freshly crushed pepper, pimento, clove and fenugreek seed. Peat and subtly toasted malt keep the fragrance of this Pinot discreet and lend sensitive, genteel character that harbours greatness behind its modesty. Well-textured, velvety tannin and a subtle, taut curve of acidity weave a tightly woven carpet of austere limestone and tranquil bliss. To be a light-footed wine without sacrificing depth is the aspiration of this masterly tightrope artist.


Mini production from the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountains) slopes for an open-minded, attentive public. The name of this wine (Leithakalk = Leitha chalk) stems from the limestone and calcareous sandstone found in the Mitterberg and Grosskirchenried vineyards. Goldberg and Weiern are contrasting sites dominated by mica-schist that lend this wine additional interesting mineral facets.


Bottled with conscientious handcraft and great care throughout the entire life cycle.

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