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Pet Nat

Pet Nat

Pet Nat

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The stars signal a new beginning. When this Saint Laurent gratefully left his vines, it was already clear to him that he would return, imbued with refreshing joy, as an incarnation of pure affirmation of life.
- oh when the drums begin to bang -
Refreshing aromas of quince, nashi pear, and mandarin zest with white tea and hay flowers gently transform this white-pressed Pet Nat from Saint Laurent into colour-blind joyfulness.
- oh when the trumpet sounds its call -
Delicate yet tantalising perlage, hand in hand with a crisp acidic nerve, breaks the yeasty creaminess of the purist sparkling wine and transforms it into a fruit-laden kaleidoscope of refreshment. The moment when fragrance can be glistening. Welcome to the juicy, bubbly haven of carefree drinkability.


Grapes stem from the Rosenberg site, an east-facing slope of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountains) that is dominated by mica schist.


Brought into the bottle according to biodynamic principles in the eternal cycle of nature (and with a lot of manual labour
and conscientious care)...