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Out of the dark - Blaufränkisch

Out of the dark - Blaufränkisch 2022

Out of the dark - Blaufränkisch

wine production sheet 2022

bottle 2022


On the one hand, powerful: simultaneously bone-dry and heart-warming. On the other hand, in the same breath agile, bold and dynamic with a sly, invigorating persistence. A wine with perfect dynamic tension between various complementary elements. Strength not in opposition but swinging in phase with utmost ease. Crisp acidity that rides the waves on barely perceptible tannins and lends this wine a youthful freshness that it will retain for a long time to come.


This Blaufränkisch has its roots in vineyards on the southeast-facing slopes of the Leitha Range in Winden and Breitenbrunn, which are characterised by the regionally typical fossil-rich limestone and calcareous sandstone, as well as mica schist.


Brought into the bottle according to biodynamic principles in the eternal cycle of nature (and with a lot of manual labour and conscientious care).