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full gas


full gas


“Smile! It confuses people.”
An eccentric can only conquer hearts and a small world through applying his one attribute that no one else possesses – positive irritation through a unique, inherent peculiarity. The sensorial top note that sets Blaufränkisch completely apart pays testimony to this and it is exactly this attribute that transports a base wine up into the next category. “Full Gas” straddles proudly upon two pedestals. Puristic, red berried fruit and fine-pearled, yet lively mousse is on a white water journey from the palate to the amygdala. Tightly woven, silky tannins clothe the sparkling king of wines majestically, yet simultaneously leisurely and without effort. Despite his earth-bound seriousness, he appears with a smile. Vivacious acidity and an uncompromisingly austere aftertaste inevitably evoke the desire for more.


This Blaufränkisch grows in old vineyards in Jois, Winden and Breitenbrunn on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains that face southeast toward Lake Neusiedl. The local fossil-rich limestone, calcareous sandstone, and mica-schist distinguish the typical local soils.


Bottled with conscientious handcraft and great care throughout the entire life cycle. Organic cultivation of the vineyards. Handpicked at the beginning of October 2014, spontaneous fermentation with two weeks maceration and three years maturation in wooden fermentation vats. 25% fermenting Blaufränkisch must from 2017 was added to initiate a second fermentation in the bottle. Matured for 18 months in the bottle on the yeast before disgorgement – zero dosage.

Sober facts

100% Blaufränkisch • 12.5% vol. • 1.8 g/l residual sugar • bottle sizes (l): 0.75 • bottled February 2019

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