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Chardonnay Leithaberg DAC

Chardonnay Leithaberg DAC 2017

Chardonnay Leithaberg DAC 2017


A testimony of timelessness. The extraordinary combination of depth and lightness. Chardonnay Leithaberg voices the soul of its roots with determination, purpose and courageous honesty. Initially cautiously reserved, this wine demands mindfulness, air, patience and a large glass before revealing its true nature. After a brief period, pale blossoms and yellow-fleshed fruit appear over a meadow of wild herbs. First and foremost austere in homage to its limestone origin, it reveals restrained notes of toasted grain and freshly baked madeleine. Yellow fleshy aromas combine with delicate smokiness that emphasizes the fine silhouettes. Nonetheless, “juicy” is one of the most appealing attributes of this wine. Steely and structured with bracing acidity that effortlessly pulls a sack of stones over the palate, leaving an enjoyable trail to follow.


Chardonnay thrives splendidly on the east facing limestone and schist slopes of the Leithaberg (Leitha Mountains). The main portions stem from the Spiegel, Kirchberg and Alter Berg vineyards in Winden and the Fügler in Jois. Grapes also come from the Edelgraben and Zwergsbreiten sites in Breitenbrunn.


Bottled with conscientious handcraft and great care throughout the entire life cycle. Organic and biodynamic cultivation of the vineyards. Handpicked mid-September and left for some hours on the skins and stems. Spontaneous fermentation and malolactic fermentation. Matured for 29 months on its lees in large oak casks and used 500-liter barrels.

Sober facts

100% Chardonnay • 13.0% vol. • 6.6 g/l acidity • 1.7 g/l residual sugar • bottle size (l): 0.75, 1.5 • bottled beginning of April

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Chardonnay Leithaberg DAC 2017