Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

The Edelgraben stretches high above Breitenbrunn and even if there is no etymological confirmation of its meaning, the name still says it all: “edel” means “precious” or “noble” while “graben” is a steep rift. Everything that we harvest from this site has substance and potential, is vibrant, tautly structured, and as the name suggests, classy. Our parcels in Edelgraben are those situated highest on the slope where it is cool and windy. The vineyards here complete the geological puzzle that we began in the clayey soil of Gols and continued with the limestone parcels of Alten Berg and now the schist of the Edelgraben site. Blaufränkisch vines are rooted in the meagre weathered rock that currently make their contribution to the Leithaberg DAC. The music of the future sounds beautiful though: it could be that this will also be bottled as a single vineyard wine in the future.