Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

Authentic wines for unprejudiced palates – this is the idea! Our wines are about vibrancy, vitality, structure and concentration. It’s about proportions and balance; all other elements are extra bonuses, from which there are actually quite a few. These elements are shaped decisively by the significant factor of time. Because wine is a living product that evolves and changes, it reveals and withholds while imparting harmony and balance. The time period that a wine spends in barrel marks it significantly and is one of the few, but very decisive and essential actions that we undertake to influence our wines. Not only different grape varieties, but also terroirs require customized approaches.

The search for authenticity and the expression of origin and vintage, in short, the uniqueness of terroir is of utmost importance. Aromas are subject to individual perception, the subjective part of sensory evaluation. It is always worthwhile to remain open, practice tolerance, and not be afraid of discovering entirely new worlds of taste.