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The term “natural wine” may be omnipresent, but it is not clearly defined. For us it simply means biodynamic viticulture and rigorous abstinence in the cellar. We respect our soil and our vines and rely on wild yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, maceration on the skins, maturation in wooden barrels, long lees contact, and the factor of time. Neuburger, Grauer Burgunder (Pinot Gris) and Roter Traminer (special type of Gewürztraminer) are each fermented on the skins. These varieties thus gain tannin structure and subsequently vitality; the spectrum of aroma shifts slightly and preconceived expectations of varietal typicity gain a new dimension. White wines that ferment on the skins break the boundaries of stereotypical conventions; they coax hidden qualities to the fore and lend grape varieties a harmony that would have been impossible to achieve in conventionally produced versions.

In many of the discussions about skin-fermented, orange and natural wines, the fact that red wines have always been fermented on their skins is somehow lost. This method contributes significantly to the style of a wine; that colour is extracted and additional structure, vitality and aroma are accumulated are welcome side effects. In the end, what we are trying to do is to continue the biodynamic philosophy that we practice in the vineyard, which is minimal and gentle intervention, in the wine cellar.