Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

Without experimentation, there will be no discoveries and certainly no evolution. So, we experiment. We strive to explore possibilities and occasionally even exceed limits. The decision to convert to biodynamic viticulture was such an undertaking, as was our decision to cultivate vineyards on the Leithaberg and to plant Merlot in the Salzberg vineyard in Gols.

Innovative winemaking is based on the evolvement and implementation of experience. It is exactly from this impetus that great wines emerge. New directions in winemaking that actually originate from a distant past have been quite influential in recent years. Our own explorations have been towards increasingly fewer interventions while striving to get ever closer to the very essence of each individual wine. We leave our white wines longer on the skins and practice less extraction for our red wines. Sometimes we even decide to abstain completely from sulphite additions and filtration. In our opinion, the wines are becoming more pure, more authentic and more individual – wines that carry both our signature as well as the signature of their origin.

Illustration: Collage of Cover of “All the articles of the Darwin Faith” Rev. F.O. Morris, 1876