Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

Although our winery has grown steadily over the past years, the successive vineyard expansion has not been accompanied by increased mechanization. The contrary is true. Handcraftsmanship is practiced throughout, whether with winter pruning, shoot placement, canopy management or harvesting. The individual vine and the knowledge about it – its age, its needs and its idiosyncrasies – is the central focus. Similar can be said of the work in the cellar. Our wines are not handled for months, even years, in our cellar and remain alive and evolve continuously. The wooden barrels and the coopers that produce them at Klaus Pauscha play a significant role.

Wines in large and small, in used and (increasingly more seldom) new wooden barrels and casks is probably our most influential intervention in the genesis of a wine. Together with time, wooden barrels lend our wines balance and structure and provide them with the natural quantity of air that they require to breathe and mature. Barrels shape wine and give it the necessary vitality and energy that is lacking in the sterility of stainless steel tanks.