Weingut HeinrichWeingut Heinrich

Among all the terms that are used to describe the character of a wine, it is authenticity with which we most strongly identify. According to the dictionary, authentic is a synonym for TRUTH, which is certainly a decisive criterion for which we strive. GENUINE, PURE and UNADULTERATED are further attributes that are associated with authenticity that we would like to be tasted and perceived in our wines.

In order to meet these demands we cultivate our vineyards by hand and according to biodynamic principles. We allow the vintage – whether cold or hot, rainy or dry – as well as each individual site expression. Limestone, schist, red gravel, loam, cambisol, flat, steep, southeast or northwest, slope foot or slope peak, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) or Pinot Noir: we strive to understand each vine and bring its uniqueness and essence PURE, TRUTHFUL, UNADUTERATED and GENUINE to the bottle.