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100 % Arabica highland coffee from the Jinotega province in Nicaragua, Central America. This single variety highland coffee grows at 1,100 to 1,700 metres above sea level in the shade of a tropical cloud forest. The coffee for Grandoro grows in harmony with its environment on the slopes of the impressive Kilambé Massif in a natural park and wildlife preserve. The ripe beans are picked by hand and washed in fresh mountain spring water. Subtle vanilla and cacao aromas, delicate acidity and a full body are the distinguishing attributes of Grandoro that make it exceptional for espresso.

Just like grapes for wine, the raw coffee fruit plays a decisive role for the quality of roasted coffee. For this reason, Ulrich Salamun und Sabine Khalil decided to cultivate the coffee for our Grandoro ourselves. Our fincas are model farms in which we share the knowledge that we have won over the years about sustainable and organic coffee cultivation with our neighbours. We support small farmers in “direct trade”, a further development from “fair trade” (see Wikipedia for more info), to help them market to dedicated stakeholders and specialty roasters around the world.

Roasting is for coffee beans what polishing is for rough diamonds. It allows the complexity of aromas and flavours to be released. It is the final step of a long process that shows whether the labour in the coffee garden and production was worthwhile. Because roasting must be done gently, Grandoro is always roasted is a drum roaster. Through experience and experimentation we have found the ideal degree of roasting for our coffee. The temperature development during roasting plays a decisive role and ensures consistently high quality.